Saturday, 5 October 2013

Goodbye England. We left Porthleven early in the morning and were on the ferry at four in the afternoon. The white cliffs of Dover in the distance were the last sight of England and the last stage of my three-month journey. Now I am back in Germany, back in Berlin and back to "reality". I once again had a wonderful time and am grateful for the experience and all the nice and helpful people I met. I hope to be back with news of another journey or a hostel or mountain hut job in England or Italy one day...

Goodbye Beacon Crag...

Friday, 4 October 2013

Tonight we had dinner at "The harbour Inn", also right in the harbour of Porthleven and very nice apart from the horrible music in the bar area. On our way back to Beacon Crag we stopped once more at the "Ship Inn" for a pint and then walked back under a stunning starlit sky. So beautiful.

Canons in the harbour of Porthleven and in the background "The Ship Inn", the pub where we ate last night. The third time I went to that pub over the course of ten years. Twice with Baggy, the first time in 2002, the second time now. And once on my own in 2006. Nice reflections in the puddle.

Waves breaking on the outer wall of Porthleven's harbour at high tide. The light is incredible. The weather also. Porthleven is absolutely beautiful.

Boats and crab cages in the harbour

The small harbour of Mullion Cove