Wednesday 27 December 2023

Our last day of walking ended at a very pretty and somewhat alternative bar where we had our final poncha. Tomorrow we will all part ways and travel to our individual destinations. Saying goodbye to beautiful walks on a fascinating island.

The tunnel is 800m long, high enough, wide enough but still a little scary for people like me. All went well and the fern-overgrown walls at the exit are very pretty.

We followed the levada through some interesting rock formations towards a tunnel.

And another waterfall and pool, the best-known for the fact that there are 25 sources emerging from the rock. Hence the name 25 fontes. Again many people around. It was the third detour, some steps to climb and descend and a sort of one-way system to follow because the paths along the levada are narrow.

The picture looks crooked but isn't, it's the trees that are growing sideways.

Another - very pretty - waterfall and pool. And again quite a lot of people.

And so we came to the first pool and waterfall. Again, it was a rather touristy tour with quite a lot of people about.